About us

HORIMEX s.r.o. primarily deals with the international market for manufacturing and servicing spare parts for land-based military equipment.

The company was founded in 1995 and since than it has distinguished itself from other manufacturers by demonstrating its extensive knowledge of all land-based weaponry and their repairs.

Thanks to our executives’ many years of experience, we are able to produce nearly any spare part whatsoever, even if the technical drawning is missing.

HORIMEX is currently the only large manufacturer of spare parts for land-based military equipment in the Czech Republic.

Horimex founder


I founded HORIMEX after my 15 years of practical experience in the Military Repair Facility 026 in Šternberk. There, among other things, I was actively involved in starting up general BMP-1 and BMP-2 repairs including complex UTD-20 engine repairs.

While working at HORIMEX, we have managed to increase the proportion of spare parts we manufacture, ourselves,  to 90%, which gives us maximum control over quality.

Continual research and development is critically important for us and allow us to aim for greater manufacturing efficiency while maintaining the highest quality.

Mojmír Horák