Reaserch and development

Thanks to our development department, we are able not only to produce parts for all old machines and equipment, but also to modernize them and improve their features.

Our development team has experience in designing technological processes and creating designs for any part.

  • We produce tracks with rubber pads on the 2S5-AKATSYA chassis.
  • We have recommenced production of structural components for the turret of the BMP tracked vehicle.
  • We have our own technology for pressing hinges for tracks.
  • We are starting to produce MBP-3N and MVP-2 electric motors.
  • We have had a new aluminium alloy developed and tested.

Expanding our base also goes hand in hand with continual technological development. For the coming years, we are planning to construct a new production facility which will contain not only machining equipment but also a large industrial paintshop and an assembly room.

Contact us
Olomoucká 1259/74
Šternberk 785 01, Czech Republic