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Military equipment parts

Manufacturing and sale of spare parts for military equipment.


Custom manufacturing to your specifications.

Research and Development

Thanks to many years of experience, we also offer improved variants of existing parts.

Why purchase parts from us?

We have many years of experience in manufacturing and servicing land-based military equipment. We have supplied spare parts for the national armies of states such as Egypt, Algeria, Slovakia, India, and others.

We place emphasis on achieving optimal quality in our parts. Thanks to our self-sufficient manufacturing, we have control over the entire production process. We do not provide inferior refurbished parts.

We also provide comprehensive machining services for companies and individuals. We are able to produce any part whatsoever, even if the technical drawnings are missing.

What our customers say about us

„They've been our reliable partner for many years. All the products are of the highest quality and manufactured with the highest precision!”

Martin DrahošPAMCO INT a.s.

Product range of replacement parts

Tracking equipment

The parts produced most often for tracked equipment:

  • BMP-1, BMP-2, VPV
  • T-55, T-62, T-72 M1, VT-55, VT-72
  • MTLB, MTLB-2S1, GM 568, GM 578, SHILKA, 2S5-AKATSYA
  • OT-62, BTR-50
Examples of parts

Wheeled equipment

The parts produced most often for wheeled equipment:

  • All varieties ofTATRA vehicles and bogies 2.BRDM-2
  • BTR-60, BTR8-80
  • OT-64
Examples of parts

We improve existing parts

We use the newest technology and processes. We also manage to develop improved versions of current parts.

Read about our research and development.


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